Wedding Favor Ideas – Using Unique Wedding Party Favors

Giving gifts to people who attend your wedding as a way of saying thank you has become a very popular custom. The selection of available choices in unique wedding party favors has become somewhat more appealing among wedding favor ideas as opposed to just giving out the standard favors that can be had at almost any party. Unique wedding party favors can come in many forms. Unusually shaped placecard holders, odd shapes in bottle stoppers, and personalized items of almost any variety make excellent wedding favor ideas.

Unusually shaped placecard holders that each guest can take home stand out as unique favors to give the guests at your wedding. Many weddings are planned with a central theme as well as colors and music. It is all fit together to make this the most special day in the life of the new couple, especially the bride. Placecard holders at each seat at the reception or wedding party can be ordered that will fit in with the overall theme of the wedding and contribute to making it a memorable event in the minds of guests as well. Like uniquely shaped placecard holders, bottle stoppers can be ordered that fit in with the overall theme of the wedding. These are small, inexpensive unique wedding party favors that will stand out among wedding favor ideas as a potential keepsake that will act as a reminder of the wedding and bring a smile to the face of each guest.

Personalized items are very popular as wedding party favors. Pens, favor boxes, themed notebook favors, and custom votive candles are some items that can be personalized with the names of the couple and the date of the wedding. These Unique wedding party favors are great wedding favor ideas because they commemorate the occasion and make personal keepsakes that all guests can look at in years to come and instantly recall the happy event.

Photo frames in different shapes also make good wedding party favors. These can be in the form of coasters, placecard holders, and many other simple things that a person can take home as a memento of the wedding party. Including photos of the couple taken prior to the wedding or including small prints of wedding photos that can be placed inside the frames make these a very special gift that will commemorate this happy occasion and invoke memories in the minds of each of the guests.

Giving party favors is a custom that has been around for many years at parties for all occasions. Wedding parties are much more special than the average as they are generally once in lifetime events. For this reason, it makes a great deal of sense to give unique wedding party favors. Wedding favor ideas can be difficult to come by. These party favors need to be keepsakes that will invoke memories of the wedding and the reception among guests. Uniquely shaped placecard holders and bottle stoppers that fit in with the overall theme of the wedding and personalized items of many different types are available. Small photo frames in different forms and shapes that include a wedding photo or other photo of the couple can be purchased and make excellent wedding favor ideas. These are not the only unique wedding party favors available, but they are some examples of wedding favor ideas that fit the need to make these items reminders of the occasion years into the future.