Some Tips For Making Your Wedding Favor Ideas Come to Life

If you’re a bride with a creative side, chances are that you have some wedding favor ideas for your reception already in mind. Maybe you imagine something chocolate and decadent, maybe you have a practical side that you want to express. In any event, if you haven’t already made a decision or a purchase, then how do you go about making those ideas of your own come to life? What are some tips and hints, and what are some things to avoid?

Wedding Favor Ideas Should be Unique

There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by a wedding you saw of your favorite celebrity, or a photo in a bride’s magazine, or even something at a wedding you’ve attended yourself. But the bottom line is that your wedding favor ideas need to tailored to your own personality, to the personality of your groom, and the two of you as a couple.

For example, you may have seen a very decadent gift of chocolate truffles being given away at a celebrity’s wedding. Depending on the brand of chocolates, chances are they paid thousands and thousands of dollars for those gifts. Unless you have that kind of money to spend on favors, you may want to scale yours back a bit.

In a case like that, some good wedding favor ideas might be smaller boxes of more inexpensive chocolates. Brands such as Russell Stover or Fannie Mae are very good but are a bit more affordable. The boxes can be wrapped with wrapping paper you get from a store for a festive look. Tie them with some thick silver or gold ribbon and they are now an elegant take-home gift for your guests.

Additionally, you can still tailor your wedding favor ideas to include custom candy bar wrappers [] for chocolate bars. This trend is one that has really caught fire in recent years, since some of the larger companies offer so many different designs that you’re sure to find one that expresses your personality. For example, if you search on The Knot or FavorsAndWraps, you can find several different types of wrappers being offered. Some of the internet’s leading candy bar wrapper companies have over 150 different designs that feature flowers, beach scenes, autumn scenes, art deco designs, fun and whimsical designs, along with some traditional and very elegant ones as well. Whether your wedding favor ideas include something traditional, something fun, or something that celebrates nature, you’re sure to find something just right for you.

Your wedding favor ideas [] should also incorporate some of the same elements from your wedding, such as the choice of flowers or the colors you’ve picked. For example, if your bouquet is all roses, then of course you would want to use roses in your ideas. It would make no sense to wrap your chocolate boxes or choose custom candy wrappers that have daisies or irises as part of their design. Additionally, if your bridesmaids’ dresses and other colors in your wedding are soft pastels, these colors should be reflected in your wedding favors. If you’re a bride that has opted for stronger, bolder colors, then remember this same point. Don’t use traditional wraps with silver and gold for your favors if your bridesmaids are all wearing black or cherry red.

Making Your Own

You may opt to assemble or create your own favors if you can’t find just what you’re looking for, or have a strong creative side and want to do this type of thing for yourself and your guests. In this case, making your ideas come to life will take a bit more planning and consideration. It’s very easy to underestimate the time, effort, and money involved in creating your own favors.

For example, if you have the idea of getting foil-wrapped chocolates and placing them in a tulle bag to wrap with ribbon, this can be a very beautiful item. However, have you figured how many guests you’re expecting, and how much wrapped chocolate you will need for that number? How much ribbon will you need? How much time will this take you, and where will you store the chocolate before the reception?

This isn’t meant to scare you off from going through with your own wedding favor ideas, as this can be a great way to add personality and style to your reception. Additionally, there is no end to your options for making these items uniquely you. In the case of tulle bags filled with chocolate, you can skip the ribbon and use strands of crystal beads to tie them for a more elegant touch. Or if you want to express your fun side, choose an oversized Hershey’s Kiss instead. The possibilities are endless.

What to Avoid With Your Own Wedding Favor Ideas

There are some things that should be avoided when considering your ideas. For one thing, it’s tempting to simply get whatever you want without any thought or considering of your own budget. It’s easy to think that you can spend what you want since your wedding is going to happen only once (hopefully) in your life, but starting out your new life deeply in debt can only add tension to your relationship down the road.

Additionally, you want favors that are going to match your overall theme and feel of your wedding. Don’t indulge in the ones that are fun and funky if your wedding is traditional and elegant. You can find things that are very affordable and still look beautiful at the same time.

And lastly, make sure that your ideas are practical and can be accomplished. You may think up some extravagant gift idea that requires hours and hours of preparation and assembly, and assume that your bridesmaids and friends will be willing to pitch in and help, but remember that they may already be somewhat stressed themselves with all the other responsibilities they have for your wedding.

If you keep all these thoughts in mind, you’re sure to find a creative, fun, and elegant way to bring to life your own wedding favor ideas.